Menu with numbers

How to make a menu based on numbers


  1. Option one
  2. Option two
  3. Option three

@NikoAP77 Hi, you want that user type 1 or 2 or 3 and your message will come? right?

@NikoAP77 I hope this will solve your issue?

In domain.yml

  - one
  - two
  - three

- text: Select the topic or write your question below.
      - title: '1'
        payload: /one
      - title: '2'
        payload: /two
      - title: '3'
        payload: /three        
       - text: you selected one
       - text: you selected two
       - text: you selected three

In nlu.yml

version: "2.0"
  - intent: one
    examples: |
      - 1
      - one
      - one please
      - 1 please

 - intent: two
    examples: |
      - 2
      - two
      - two please
      - 2 please

 - intent: three
    examples: |
      - 3
      - three
      - three please
      - 3 please

In stories.yml

version: '2.0'
  - story: one menu
      - intent: one
      - action: utter_ask_one

   - story: two menu
      - intent: two
      - action: utter_ask_two

   - story: three menu
      - intent: three
      - action: utter_ask_three

Please mention other important code in domain, it will run based on selection and whilst user input. If code not run, may be I made some stupid error.Good Luck!


Hello @NikoAP77 If you able to solve this error with the above suggestion/solution please can I request to close this thread with the solution for others, who are seeking the solutions. Thanks

No, entering 1, 2 or 3 you get an incorrect answer

@NikoAP77 Thanks for the feedback, If you got some time later, do share your solutions for others I insist :slight_smile:

@NikoAP77 Well, my code is 1000% correct, I know what I did and I love it :wink:

Please see the below outputs of the above suggested code:

Selection base on buttons:

Selection base on user input:

I even mentioned “If code not run, may be I made some stupid error” but I think I should not even wrote this. You just need to customised as per your need but… Next time please run the code and then provide the feedback please.

Good Luck for life!

Can you pass me your project, please

@NikoAP77 Is this for me Niko ?


@NikoAP77 I need to check, give me some time please. I will share the code here, even I have only used the above mention code only, nothing new.

@NikoAP77 Do check the code once again, it’s almost 27 days; I only send the related files. I hope you will run the code successfully, if you find any issues do let me know.

domain.yml (589 Bytes) stories.yml (495 Bytes) nlu.yml (260 Bytes)

I request you to please mark this thread as a solution for others and good luck!

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@NikoAP77 Hey any feedback on the uploaded files which you had asked?

Hi, thanks for ypur answers, i keep on your discussions and I tried your code. But I encounter a problem when I input the menu numebr (1,2,3), the system cant understand the numeric input. Any possible solution?

Check my shared files and you will do it. @revonsio