Map two entities to same slot

I have the following slot:

      - entity: drink_type
        intent: track_count
        type: from_entity
      - entity: drink_count
        intent: track_count
        type: from_entity

And I would like to map these two entities to it. So if I detect an entity called drink_count or drink_type, I want to be mapped to “drinks_count” slot.

With this current setup just the first entity from the declaration above is mapped, the second entity is skipped. Is there any way to achieve this?


Hi @OctaM what type is the drinks_count slot? How do you expect both entities to be mapped to the slot - that’s a bit unclear to me.

Could you also share a bit more from your nlu file - e.g., some intent examples where these entities would be extracted from? Do you know for sure both entities get extracted (after checking the debug log)?