Map same synonym value to multiple Entities

Hi team,

We are implementing a Chabot using Rasa opensource, version 1.6 is in production now. Th pipeline for Entity mapping is CRFEntityMapper. There is a requirement where the same synonym value needs to be mapped to different entities, based on the context. Does Rasa support this or any suggestions to achieve this?

E.g. I want to ‘report’ an issue -> ‘report’ should be mapped to action

Which report is available from team -> ‘report’ should be mapped to ‘reports’

Any help is appreciated!.

It sounds like what you’re describing is this feature request: Add types to entity synonyms · Issue #5718 · RasaHQ/rasa · GitHub

A question, in these two example cases, are you dealing with two different entity names? i.e. [report](tdo_thing:action) and [report](document:reports)?

Thanks for the reply…

Yes, the requirement is to map the synonym to two different entity names? i.e. [report](tdo_thing:action) and [report](document:reports)

Adding roles doesnt seem to meet the requirement, as the scenario is to have the same synonym mapped to different entity names, based on context.