Use synonym differently for different type of entities

I am trying to better understand how to work with synonyms. I have two different entities:

  • furniture (bed, table, fridge, etc.)
  • room (bedroom, kitchen, living room, etc.)

The problem I am facing is that sometimes, people refer to the bedroom using the word “bed” or “Bed”. Therefore, in my training data, I have something like this:

Looking for a 2 Bed 2 Bath apartment I need a 2 bed 1 bath apt Can I buy the bed

From the first samples, Bed and bed are converted to bedroom which obviously does not make sense when talking about the furniture entity.

Is there a way for me to specify for which type of entity the synonyms are used?

Thanks for your help!

Note: I see that the was a similar question but it didn’t get any answer: The same synonym for different entities

Tough case. You could handle it in a custom action (Actions) or maybe even with a form (depends a bit on your use case): Forms