Lookup table when using git integration and docker


Did any one had problem with rasa identifying the lookup tables inside docker using the git integration?

In my local nlu.md i have: ## lookup:parameter_lookup.txt data/Lookup/parameter_lookup.txt

but the rasa x cant identify it, probably because of the PATH to the table.

when I tried to manually upload (not a solution for us for the long term) I got that: /app/git/35/data/parameter_lookup.txt

Is there a way to define the lookup table that the rasa x will identify it?

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Hi @GalLellouche when you say it can’t identify it, what do you mean exactly?

What I mean is that in the local development enviroment, the lookup table is inside the nlu data, but on production the git cant find it (although it in a path that the git suppose to read - Data/LookupTables)

Hi @GalLellouche, there used to be a bug here. In the latest version of rasa x it should be able to read the local references and store them in the right place upon dumping. Which version have you had issues on?


I will update to the latest version in the weekend and I will update :slight_smile: