Lookup table doesn't work with DIETClassifier

Hi @community , recently I have upgraded my rasa to 1.8 and the entity(DIETClassifier) extractor doesn’t work for lookup table. when I updated the config to supervised_embeddings it worked fine.

hey @capgos17, can you show your config.yml file contents?

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thanks but I fixed it.

Hi @capgos17, I’m very interested in what happened here as it may apply to me. Can you share your config.yml and also talk about your fix? Thanks a bunch!

I’m having the default config created by rasa init. I just increased the sample size in nlu.md such that the entities of lookup should be contained by nlu.md

Ex: lookup:

in nlu.md

intent: about_city

  • I want to know more about delhi

I just increased the size and it worked.

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just add - name: RegexFeaturizer in your pipeline