Looking for rasa core slack integration with docker implementation

Can someone provide guidelines for slack integration with docker implementation of rasa stack.

I tried updating docker-config.yml with below for slack connector

  - -c
  - slack
  - --credentials
  - config/slack_credentials.yml

and added slack token in credentials files.

when I’m testing in my slack app its not giving me any response. Can someone help with any blog or some suggestion on implementation of it

this is solved

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@bhagyashri How did you solve it or what was the problem? Would be great if your answer could help other community members.

I am using rasa x on docker and there’s a problem when communicate with slack:rasa-production and rasa-worker use the same port 5005, when I add the endpoint to slack it returns ok, which means there’s reply from 5005, however, there’s no reply when I talk with the bot in slack, rasa x works fine, do you have any idea where is the problem?

Hi @JialiuXu, I replied to your question here: Connection between Rasa and Rasa X on docker