Long conversations get misunderstood

When getting longer conversations the conversation goes towards our “Sorry, I did not understand” intent and actually does not leave it anymore.

Note that our history is set to 2.

We have examples (FAQ) in there that do not even need to depend on history but should just happen.

What can we do about this?

Do you use slots?

Yea we do!

Actually, we have noticed the situation improved with history set to 5. It was not entirely how we expected it to work (we thought lower history to be more “strict” - but it is not).

It is hard to say without seeing the data, but I think it is because of the featurized slots. As soon as they are set, they are used as features for all next time steps

I suggest try using low max_history and unfeaturize all the slots

Otherwise, you can also try to use AugmentedMemoization policy

Can you please share the docs ?

sorry, it looks like it is not in the docs. It has the same config as memoization policy: rasa_core/memoization.py at 18f8e86d31e172af6bd1db2009624b649ea20094 · RasaHQ/rasa_core · GitHub

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Ok thank you