Live Webinar: Beyond the Release Notes April 2021

Hey Rasa @community,

We invite you all to the next Beyond the Release Notes webinar! :slight_smile:

During the live, 45-min broadcast, product leaders from Rasa present a first look at what’s new in Rasa Open Source, Rasa X, and Rasa Enterprise. We’ll demo the newest additions to the product and open the floor to Q&A from attendees.

Go “beyond the release notes” to get a complete and candid look at Rasa product updates.

In April, we’ll cover:

  • Q2 Product plans
  • Workspaces
  • Improvements to entity annotation
  • Twilio Voice connector
  • spaCy 3.0 support
  • Live Q&A

:timer_clock: When? April 29, 2021 | 8am PT/5pm CEST

:point_down: Save your seat to keep up with the latest Rasa features:


Anyone already know what “Workspaces” are?

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Hi @Emma can we use rasa bot for drupal ?

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@Emma I have registred the 14th of april and now I can’t login it asks you to put a name but then no an email and still doesn’t work can you help me plz ?

Can I find someone who is able to help me in my project ?