Leveraging chatGPT APIs in Rasa OSS

Greetings @community,

I am thrilled to share that we at Rasa are working towards making LLMs more accessible in Rasa OSS.

Levering chatGPT APIs for answering questions related to structured data in Rasa OSS, check out the latest blog post for details here.

Here is the link to the repository.

Thank you


Is it open to PRs?

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Yes, @anshumankmr

This is very interesting. Would it be possible to use open source LLMs for this purpose? I guess most of us wouldn’t like to be sharing all of our information with Open AI.

@lucas144 Check this out. Models - Hugging Face

Hi @nonola. Thanks for this link. I was aware of this already, that’s why I was previously asking if this integration would support communication with an Open Source LLM deployed somewhere in your own infrastructure.

@lucas144 I think there should not be any problem connecting to any type of LLM per se.

totally get your point, until the language model is giving us outputs for input prompts, it’s do-able.