Issues with FORMs in Rasa 2.6

Hi, I have a form-heavy bot I have been developing in Rasa since the 1.x days. I am currently running 2.3.1 and all is well. A central strategy I use to handle standard questions or statements from the user is to write simple rules that fire during the form filling process. For example, after being asked a question, a user might respond:

  • Can you repeat the question?
  • Can you hold on please?
  • Can you give me the reference number again?
  • I’m sorry, my system is being slow today
  • other chitchat

These are easy to respond to in a rule, at which point the form that was interrupted can resume filing slots.

When I tried upgrading rasa to 2.6, all of the above broke. Once one of these rules fires, the form validation methods (in seems to go haywire and start being called somewhat randomly (regardless of what slot is currently being filled), sometimes several validation methods are called in a row. The form filling process does continue, but not without seemingly spurious utterances from the validation methods.

Any ideas?



Hi Jay,

that sounds like it might deserve investigation. Could you share a minimum viable example so that I may investigate and reproduce?