Issue with displaying question first in chatbot

Hi everyone, I’m working on rasa and making a chatbot. I’m facing an issue in it. I want to know that how can I display question before user enter anything. Like when my chatbot start, it should ask from the user his name or anything. is there anyone who can help me? It will be very helpful for me.

Hi @Haris

Does the question wants to be asked at the start of the conversation or in the middle of the conversation?

If it’s at the start of the conversation, you can set the initial payload message accordingly which will trigger the question.

thank you so much for your response sir. sir can i do this on terminal through “rasa shell” command?

Hi @Haris

I dont think you can do it in shell.

If you have deployed your assistant using web chat or any other channel, then you can configure it there.

ok sir i get it now and thank you soooo much for giving me your precious time