Issue on RASA HTTP API for Chatbot Integration

While implementing the RASA HTTP API through http://<domain_name>:5005/conversations/default/trigger_intent for integrating RASA with a chatbot in a production environment, I’m encountering mixed content errors. Is there a method to secure the URL to https://<domain_name>:5005/conversations/default/trigger_intent ? Also having http://<domain_name>:5005/webhooks/rest/webhook . Are we able to make this as an https ?

Unless you’re using Rasa NLU only, you’ll want to use the http://<domain_name>:5005/webhooks/rest/webhook endpoint.

For https, you would typically use a proxy in front of the Rasa endpoint (nginx, traefik, etc).

Hello @stephens,

I’m encountering an issue with my nginx configuration. When my webpage loads, it internally calls HTTP endpoints like http://<domain_name>:5005/webhooks/rest/webhook and http://<domain_name>:5005/conversations/default/trigger_intent. The configuration converts these calls to HTTPS, resulting in a TIME_OUT_ERROR.

Here’s the current nginx configuration file:

server { listen 80; listen [::]:80; server_name <IP_ADDRESS>; location / { return 301 https://$host$request_uri; } } server { listen 443 ssl http2; listen [::]:443 ssl http2; server_name <IP_ADDRESS>; root /datadrive/rasa_update/webchat; index index.html chatbot.html frontpage.html; ssl_certificate “”; ssl_certificate_key “<key_path>”; ssl_session_cache shared:SSL:1m; ssl_session_timeout 10m;

location / {
    proxy_pass http://<ip_address>:7739;  # Use 'http' for non-HTTPS upstream
    proxy_set_header Host $host;


I need assistance in resolving this problem. Any suggestions or alterations to the configuration would be helpful. Thank you.