Issue in Authorization Issues in POST Requests Using Postman

Hi Team, The endpoint GET method URL “https://<domain_name>/webhooks/botframework” is operational, confirming its status with a response of {“status”:“ok”}.

However, attempting a POST request via Postman to “https://<domain_name>/webhooks/botframework/webhook” results in a “401 Unauthorized” error due to the absence of an authorization header in the request.

Could you please help to solve this issue.

“Confirm endpoint ‘…/webhooks/botframework/webhook’ requires authorization. Include proper header in POST request to resolve ‘401 Unauthorized’ issue.”

Hi,@ GrantElliot1

Thanks for the reply.

I’m transitioning a Rasa chatbot integration with Teams from Ngrok to Nginx. While Ngrok worked well, my company wants to switch to Nginx. I’m not sure about configuring the messaging endpoint in Bot Framework and the authentication process involved. Can you provide guidance on this? When I used ngok to connection its working fine:

when I switched to nginx I am not sure about the messaging endpoint.

showing as the below error.