Is there hidden documentation lying around somewhere?

The documentation for Rasa is rather scant and doesn’t really tell much about how to use certain parts of Rasa for things beyond a basic chatbot.

From what I understand, Rasa recently merged NLU and Core correct? I’m guessing there was new documentation created in the process. Many older threads that can be found online will have answers referring to older documentations which I can only infer (based on the complexity of the task of some questions) has more information than the current documentation. Unfortunately, every single one of these links I’ve come across are dead.

Is there a way to access older documentation? I can’t imagine setting up stories/domains/what have you has changed too drastically.

You can always visit the medium blog here: Rasa Blog – Medium But I think you have most likely viewed it.

I find my knowledge most of the time through searching in the forum and some github reference.

I am still unable to build a very customized bot(I am still new ) but may I know what kind of functions you wanna achieve?

Currently I am trying to get a better understanding of how Rasa handles entity identification and how slots get filled out.

But my question isn’t specifically directed at what I’m trying to do right now, I meant it generally. It would be beneficial for me to be able to get a more in-depth explanation of how some things work and different ways I can customize data that’s being fed to Rasa (or anything else customizable that Rasa features) because the current documentation is not very revealing of much. Naturally, most people would then go to the forums and occasional github issues that pop up from a google search, but that leads back to my original question – the old links are dead, where do I access the information that is mentioned in these older search results?

For custom pipeline and study the inbuilt pipeline component, you may find Enhancing Rasa NLU models with Custom Components - Rasa Blog - Medium useful

I am not a master a custom components, but I find this post extremely useful.

For source code reference you just need to go to rasa folder: rasa/nlu/extractors You can check out what data and methods are available Also in the rasa folder, there is a docs folder to view change log and migration guide.

This is not really what I was looking for but thanks regardless.

hey @DNProjects, I think so this is what you are looking for :

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