Can we list down changes made in Rasa after the Rasa (Core + NLU) redesign?

There seem to be a lot of posts on various forums and portal that refer to the old design of Core plus NLU. If we can list down the modifications required to be made on various aspects, after the re-design, it will be helpful in making use of all the existing answers to questions.

Not quite sure what you mean - we can’t really create a “mapping” from old to new that would allow you to map existing questions / answers to the new structure. Most things still apply anyways and the reference for anything should most likely be the documentation.

Are there any specific areas where you are lacking documentation?

I see a lot of posts and code that do no match with the current documentation like slot setting, events etc. I haven’t collected them into one place but i imagine Rasa owners will know what all syntax changes have been made and can dedicate a page to it.