Is there any way to access intent_ranking in real development scenario?

How can i access intent_ranking in a real scenario, like which i can see via terminal response for each utterance. I have to know which and its rankings of specific utterance/intents comes in intent ranking list

Hi @susajsnair. What is it that you’re trying to accomplish by looking at the intent ranking?

Hi @alopez , I would like to know the other intents comes in intent ranking after an utterance being identified under a specific intent. Sometimes my user may ask multiple intents at a time, So i need to catch up all related intents with score.

@susajsnair thanks for the context. It sounds like what you want to do might be best handled with multiple intents. There’s a tutorial on this as well.

@alopez this is not my case, All i wanted to access the intent_ranking [] . Is there anyway to access that.

Hi @susajsnair, you can access the intent_ranking from a custom policy. To see an example policy that does this, look at FallbackPolicy.

You can also access intent_ranking from a custom action, via the tracker.latest_message attribute.

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@alopez looks good, thanks