Is there any chance to unload the bot after completion of the story

Hello friends, I am dealing with issue that I want bot to stop itself once it comes to end of the story. Currently my bot stops unless I enter /stop. I am looking for possibility bot to close automatically after completion of the story. Thanks in Advance.

hey @Teluguntla123 are you using commandline to stop the bot, it depends on the channel, if you want to stop the bot try action_restart to reset the bot but to stop the bot on the channel othet than cmdline, i need to check.:smiley:

Yes @JiteshGaikwad. I don’t have any UI for my bot yet. It is very much in the initial stage. Now my task is to make the bot unload or stop once it reaches end of the story. will it be any difference if it has some UI?

hey @Teluguntla123, as far as what i think is you want to stop the bot from responding back to the user, so what you can do is use action restart to reset the conversations & then you can use pause event to stop bot from responding back to the user…

just give this a try and check if it helps you😃