Is there a way to generalize the data in intents

suppose I want my bot to help user find the restaurant for their choice of food. For ice cream we have so many different flavours, So instead of writing down

intent: fav_food

  • i want chocolate ice cream
  • my favourite flavour is vanilla
  • i want butterscotch ice cream

can we do something like

intent: fav_food

  • i want (flavour) ice cream
  • my favourite flavour is (flavour)
  • i want (flavour) ice cream

where flavour can be some kind of list where we can define all kinds of flavour? Is this possible to do , or is this idea counter effective?

Hi Duckingbread, welcome to the forums.

We’ve implemented something like this with a custom script. What we do is make lookup tables from the things we want to generate. For you it would be this:

lookup: flavours

  • strawberry
  • vanilla
  • chocolate
  • etc…

Then just make a script that reads your NLU file and substitutes the flavours for your lookup table values.

Thanks for the help!