Array in chat

I’m working on grocery booking chat bot. My requirement is add the list of details given by the customers to an array. please help

Checkout the List slot type.

You’d create an intent with examples, like this:

## intent:inform
- I am [vegetarian](dietary_restrictions)
- it has to be [gluten free](dietary_restrictions)
- i don't eat [meat](dietary_restrictions)
- i only have 10 [minutes](dietary_restrictions)
- curry
- I want a meal without [meat](dietary_restrictions)
- [Vegetarian](dietary_restrictions)
- No [meat](dietary_restrictions)
- I only eat [fish](dietary_restrictions)
- I am [allergic](dietary_restrictions) to [gluten](dietary_restrictions)
- I am [celiac](dietary_restrictions)
- I am [allergic](dietary_restrictions) to [lactose](dietary_restrictions)
- I am [lactose intolerant](dietary_restrictions)
- No [milk](dietary_restrictions)
- Without [cheese](dietary_restrictions)
- something [vegetarian](dietary_restrictions)
- a [vegetarian](dietary_restrictions) dish
- [vegetarian](dietary_restrictions)
- [pasta](meal_type)
- i am [gluten intolerant](dietary_restrictions)
- I want a [curry](meal_type)
- I want [Vietnamese](meal_type)
- something [mexican](dietary_restrictions)[mexican](meal_type)
- i am [gluten](dietary_restrictions) free and [vegetarian](dietary_restrictions)
- something with [rice](meal_type) and [chicken](meal_type)
- i want to have [meat](dietary_restrictions)

And you would create response templates or an action to respond with the current shopping list.