Is there a way to develop Yes/NO decision flow based chatbot in RASA?

Suppose , I want my chatbot to navigate to different decision flows as given: I have an Intent - with 3 different entities possible. For each entity I have to take user confirmation , based on which i can have follow up questions and respond differently and take the decisions again based on the affirmation given. What is the best way to achieve it using RASA?

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Dont know if I understand you correctly, can you give a small example?

Sure here’s an example - User - I have an issue with my router. BOT - What is the model of the router? User - AY54634 (Which is an entity based on which next question varies) BOT- Router - AY54634 Troubleshooting After Plugging is the Red LED ON ? User - YES (If NO then different flow)BOT - Alright. Is the light blinking User - YES (if NO flow varies). BOT - Thanks for providing the details Your Router is not configured. Follow these steps…

So at each step based on user confirmation flow divides. And at any point there can be a need to take an entity based on its value next question needs to be asked.

Use FormAction

if you need reference, go to rasa’s git repo and and check out their restaurant examples

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Can you brief me how Rasa Form can help me? Because I can have model number as required slot in form, but based on the model number I have to ask the user different questions and follow different flows (Ex: Ask user for “Is Red light on?” for AY5412 entity and “Is software installed?” for BM2614 entity) The questions to be asked are dynamic based on the entity value

You could overwrite the required_slots method. In there you can choose the required slots, based on other slot values