Is there a way to create a rule on any intent?

I am trying to create a rule that triggers an action when a slot is set on any intent. Is there a way to that? The thing is that when this slot is set to true, I don’t want the bot to answer at all. If there is another way to do that I will consider as well. Thanks!

@filipedfs You can try slot_was_set event as described here, while for the bot not answering at all you could resort to a default action: action_listen. Hope this works!

Hi. Thank you @anca. I know about that. What I did was to create a rule with all intents like this:

- rule: Do not answer
  - or:
    - intent: intent_1
    - intent: intent_2
    - intent: intent_3
    - intent: etc...
  - slot_was_set:
    - slot_common_handled_to_human: true
  - action: action_listen

The problem with this is that I have to remember adding all new intents here. So I wonder If there is another way.

@filipedfs You could try the rule with condition, which is different to the example provided by you - I’ve already provided the link above, as per docs: Conditions describe requirements which have to be fulfilled for a rule to be applicable. Let me know if that doesn’t satisfy your use-case.