Is RASA NLU based on JSON data?


I am just curious about the format RASA NLU actually trains on. Seems we make nlu.yaml, and RASA NLU system converts it to JSON format as blow:

{ “text”: “goodbye”, “intent”: “goodbye” },

Is it true that RASA converts yaml to JSON, and is based on JSON format for data training?

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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@miner Hello, nice and interesting questions for that you can itself see how the data and conversation looks like whilst using the command rasa shell --debug but yes JSON data is mostly used for API’s call ( Text formats . XML and JSON are the main languages for accessing data over an API). Even when you store the bot/user conversation in database the last column is look like JSON format which have events and metadata.

Good to know link: Creating Rasa NLU Data for Model in JSON Format | Asquero

I hope this will clear your doubt and solve your issue. Good Luck!


Good to know. Please update the referred link, it’s no longer available. Thank you