Is MultiProjectImporter supported by Rasa X?

I know this feature is marked ‘experimental’ but will this feature work with Rasa X?:

I just set up Rasa X and Im pointing it to my github repo with Rasa open source core using MultiProjectImporter and the NLU data is not showing up in Rasa X so it looks like it does not work, to answer my own question. Any idea when/if this would be supported?

Hi @tatianaf! You are right. You need to use the standard Rasa project layout in order to use Rasa X.

We are still thinking through how to best set up Rasa X to handle multiple projects, multiple languages, etc. Why are you using the MultiProjectImporter?

Thanks for your response @tyd ! I’m using the MultiProjectImporter because I want to separate the code into separate modules maintained by different groups. Our goal is to have one assistant that covers a wide range of topics and that different groups of people will be responsible for maintaining different topics’ training data and domain.

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@tatianaf Gotcha. It seems like you would want to set up Rasa X for each of those projects, rather than all of them together, or no?

No then they would be separate assistants and we want the user to interact with one assistant but in the backend the code can be managed separately. The idea is just to break up the training files into separate manageable components but we don’t need to launch a whole new cluster for each set of training files.

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How you managed to handle this situation? Cos I looked at this solution and ran in the same problem with Rasa X. If it is not possible to create

such project structure to work with Rasa X maybe I can at least spread domains in multiple files? This will work with Rasa X? @tyd