Is it possible to integrate rasa with react.js . If possible how to configure?

Hi Everyone, I want to know is it possible to integrating rasa with react js. If possible how to configurations. It is very help full and more flexible to the user.

Actually i am creating a static chat bot using react js . In that we can create more flexible components like Calendar, Time-picker, sliders and File uploads etc…

Now my intention is it possible to integrate that react components(Elements) to our rasa chat bot.For example user wants to submit his data of birth then our chat bot is show the Calendar like below.

The above Chatbot is creating using React js

Is there any way to configure react js to our rasa chat bot. Please help me

Thank you in advance.

hey @Bunny99, check out this:

Thank you for replay. I already saw those projects. But those repositories not help for me

Did you get any solution for this …to connect RASA with react