Is it possible to get an answer based on implicit context?

So my bot’s purpose is to identify a school service that was requested and give a proper answer as in the following:

User: When is the next exam?
Bot: October 11st
User: Is it needed any specific material?
Bot: Yes, you need to take a calculator with you.

My problem is what is the best way for the bot to understand the context of the exam question/answer? Usually, when asked about the material, the bot gives a default answer about the material without understanding that it is referring to the Oct 11st exam unless I put in the .py file or in the stories file an answer for every single exam scenario. Is it possible for it to save the slots “service: next_exam” and “next_exam: October 11st” and when asked about the material and those slots are filled, it gives the answer of the material for that specific exam?


@Gouveia Yes, this is possible. As part of the action code that returns the reply October 11th, you could also set those slots

The problem is not setting the slots. It is, upon asking “What’s the material needed”, for the bot to recon that the user is talking about the “next exam, on October 11st” without writing it in every single story about exams

@Gouveia Your stories are your training data for the dialogue manager, so you will need to include this in stories. However, I don’t think you will need to write it in every single story about exams. I recommend checking out the Conversation-Driven Development approach to building assistants. Following CDD will allow you to efficiently figure out how users use your assistant and create only the stories that address how they actually use it, rather than all of the possible ways you think they might use it

Alright, i’m gonna check it. Thanks!