Help with rasa context

Hi everyone, i have a problem, i want to construct a bot with context, but i don’t find any idea or tutorial to do that on rasa, the thing i want to do somthing like this.

Bot: hi.
Person: hello, How many Vacation days do i have?
Bot: You have 2 days of vacations aviables
Person: and how can i request them? // person don’t mention the vacation days
Bot: You must write an email to “xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx” and manage them through the HR portal

if i only use simple bot, if the person says: “and how can i request them?” The bot will find the intent of that question, but doesn’t understand that the context of that questión is “vacation days” and the answer of the bot should be “fallback”.

I hope you could help me.


I’d recommend using slots. You can train the bot to find entities like “Vacation days”, but since the entities won’t really influence dialogue flow unless it’s featurized for the bot to learn. I’d recommend seeing these stories from the docs where slots are used so you have an idea of the sorts of things you can do with slots.

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Hey, i got a question, for this funcionality i need to use Momoization Pipeline? Or only using slots i can do what i want?

The memoization policy would definitely help, but I don’t think it’s strictly necessary. All the memoization policy does it memorize your stories so it can predict intended behavior from stories much more clearly.