Is it possible to create new columns in tracker store?

Hello everyone, I am trying to store the conversation history to MySQL. I see all the conversations come in one column(data). I want store all of them in different columns like intent, IntentConfidence, user, bot reply, … and I want to store from which channel(if deployed in slack, FB, website) the conversation is triggered. Is It Possible to get data like this?

So you would have to parse that column in MySQL and use a trigger event. As soon as the column is read into MySQL it would split the column data into intent, intent confidence, user, bot, and reply and then add it into another MySQL table.

thanks for the reply @F4intHe4rted

I want to maintain only one table. I want data to come with parsing. Is this possible? Can I give an ID to the bot? I am creating 3 bots and wanted to store all the conversations in a single table. I want to differentiate the conversations between the bots.

Well one way is to get the column data and use some python script to split the column data based on some delimiter. Then send it to the MySQL table. I think that you cal also give an ID to the bot for example for the Slack bot you can have S_1, for Facebook Bot you can have F_1, and for website bot you can have W_1, where the alphabet prefix represents which channel is the bot from and the digit represents the conversation number.

I would like to know how to give a name to bot. which files to edit?

@kranthi Sorry, i do not know how to rename a bot. Since, the rasa bot is hosted on a server, i just send requests to the server and get back the response in my script. So, I just rename that the bot in my script. In your case when I get the response, I would rename the bot from the column data and then send it to the table. I do not know of any other way to be honest.

Hey, did you get any solution on this? I am also looking to add extra columns in events table.