Is It normal to make 127 plus combinations of entities/stories ? Or its an impractical approach!

I have to make 127 plus combinations of entities the user can ask to order pizza and its not a practical approach. I have 12 entities & slots aswell from which I am currently working on 7 (due to the impractical approach). entities:

  • pizza_flavour
  • quantity
  • size
  • crust
  • topping
  • sauce
  • soft_drink
  • drink_size
  • order_type
  • notes
  • phone_number
  • address

User can Ask in various ways like:

  • I need [spinach feta]
  • I need [large] [spinach feta]
  • I need [large] [spinach feta] with [italian thin] crust
  • (. . .)

Then there are scenarios user wants to order pizza with or without a soft drink. I want this information to be stored in slots and bot should indicate if any slot is missing. Further, this information should be stored in a database with a unique order number. I am stuck with the wrong user input (typo) and training combinations. The bot should be able to prompt until the user enters the right information (entity values) I have heard about Forms and custom pipelines but being a newbie to this technology is the only hurdle i am facing in implementation. I will appreciate if anyone volunteers to help me with this?