Is it normal for Rasa X to "Save Stories" to go into rules.yml file instead of stories.yml?

When I click on saves stories, they used to saved in the stories.yml file.

But today, I noticed a bunch of the stories I created in Rasa X, they got saved into the rules.yml file.

I don’t think I did anything…but any idea why this might be happening?

This also happened to me. I think it’s a bug with Rasa X. I don’t know how to get this fixed tho.

Hi @_daisy @sparklie3. This sounds like a bug. Can you please create a bug report here?

Okay, opened a bug report: Rasa x saves stores into rules.yml file · Issue #7300 · RasaHQ/rasa · GitHub

I don’t think this is unique to config or domain situations.

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