Introduction from Vancouver, Canada about Language Learning Solution

Hello. I’ve founded a startup here in Vancouver with a small team to make a language learning solution called Immersio ( that gives you a personalized, language tutor experience. I myself am a linguist and have taught languages for many years. So, we’re hoping to be able to deploy Rasa to turn our design and clickable prototypes into a testable prototype soon.

If anyone here has any advice, wants the opportunity see what we’re doing, or any comments about using NLU for language education, please contact me here or email me at In due time I’m sure I’ll have more specific questions, but I’m excited to see what Rasa can do!


Oh neat, I’m in the PNW too (Seattle). This sounds like a really cool project. Are you looking to add languages other than Latin at some point?

Hello Rachael. Nice to greet another developer from the PNW. Thank you, we are obviously very excited about it, too.

Yes, we will definitely be pursuing other languages after Latin. In short, with Latin we have a (perhaps surprisingly) active, global community of learners who desperately want opportunities to practice speaking and using the language actively. And due to projects like Perseus there is a decent amount of tagged texts.

We will be looking also at uses for revitalizing endangered languages, like many First Nations ones in British Columbia, besides more clear uses for other modern languages. From your profile, it seems we have much in common. I hope we can connect more sometime.

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