Hello from Italy (and education chatbots realms)

Hi all!

I’m giorgio Robino. I’m new here and with RASA.

I’m interested in conversational AI in genera and I’m specialized in voicefirst applications. I’m almost active on twitter as www.twitter.com/solyarisoftware and I manage a chatbot italian community blog: https://www.convcomp.it

I’m now researcher at ITD-CNR where I developed CPIAbot (ITD :: Progetto), a telegram multimodal chatbot to help immigrants adults attending Italian public schools to learn italian language at very basic level (QCER/A1).

I’m a nodejs developer and I conceived a state-machine based dialog manager: NaifJs, I used also to develop CPIAbot chatbot application for task-oriented dialogs.

I’d like to explore RASA features to realize sort of open domain dialog manager to maybe couple with NaifJS.

More in general I appreciate many RASA foundation points and above all the open-source/no cloud paardigm.

All the best to RASA! Thanks for your work!