Introducing Rasa Office Hours!

Hey @community

Senior Developer Advocate Rachael Tatman presents a new series of livestreams on the Rasa Youtube channel: Rasa Office Hours! :tada:

Join Rachael each Wednesday, and ask questions directly to the Rasa Team in a live format, about building, improving or deploying your Rasa assistants!

Today you can bring your questions and get them answered live by Rachael (@rctatman) and Rasa Director of Engineering Tom Bocklisch (@tmbo)


Wednesday at 6pm CET / 9am PST / 10pm IST.


Super excited about it and eager to see what everyone interested in or struggling with :boom:

Be gentle with me though, I am sure by now there are people in the Rasa community that are more experienced in parts of the codebase/application of it than I am :sweat_smile:


how can i join this any links.

Hi @shubh802

You can join the office hours by tuning in to the livestream and asking your question in the live chat :slight_smile:

Thanks @Emma

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Rachael is great!

My fixed-point is this one: