Introducing myself and my project

My name is Charles,

I am trying to build an autonomous robot built around a large number of Arduino boards for sensors and actuators, A Jetson Nano for the cameras and LIDAR, a Raspberry Pi 4 for the speech.

I have made several attempts at installing RASA on the Pi using info I have got from the forum to no avail, I get errors about versions of modules not being available or not compatible in the main,

The object of the project is to have the Robot interact with the “biologicals” in the home via the sensors including camera and voice commands and the actuators.

Once I get it interacting then I can look at training it to be of use in my workshop and or around the home.

I see RASA has potential to be a major part of the project.

It would be great to be able to get in contact with people that have had experience in RASA on raspberry Pi and also being able to take it to the next step with V2T and T2V as well as linking to other devices.

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Hi @channe do you have any updates on your side using Rpi with misty ?