Intent wrongly identified for chitchat


I have written an intent as below and trained it. But, unfortunately, even if i type partial statement, the nlu picks up this intent instead of reducing the confidence. Can you please suggest me how to avoid this ???

Eg: User: are you dissapointed /? bot: I am a bot, powered by Rasa


  • are you a bot?
  • are you a human?
  • am I talking to a bot?
  • am I talking to a human?

bot challenge

  • bot_challenge
    • utter_iamabot

domain.yml : : utter_iamabot:

  • text: “I am a bot, powered by Rasa.”

based on the word “are you” it is setting the confidence level

You need to create another intent with contra examples

Thankyou. Do you mean to add them in “out of scope” ??

it depends on your bot

Ok. thankyou