Intent switching in the middle of story fails for a particular intent only

Hi Everyone, I have multiple intents(around 25) that use the same entity. It is not possible to define the entity regex very tightly, so sometimes there are issues in identifying the entity which results in fallback. Now, my stories are as follows:

Story 1: * Intent1 {Entity:a} - Action 1{Entity:a}

Story 2 : * Intent 2 {Entity:a} - Action 2{Entity:a}

Story 3: *Intent 1 - Ask for entity * {Entity:a} - Intent 1{Entity:a}

Now, in the 3rd story, if I try to change the intent and entity, it picks up the new entity but not the intent for a certain intent, works fine for other intents. For example, below is what is happening:

Story 3: *Intent 1 - Ask for entity * {Entity:a} - (Fails to recognize the entity.) Asks for entity again * (User changes intent and entity) Intent 2{Entity:b} - Action 1 {Entity:b} (The updated entity is picked with old intent)

For most of my intents, the latest intent + entity combo (here, intent 2 + entity:b) is being picked, except for this 1/2 particular intents. When I look at the logs, I can see that TEDPolicy has recognized Intent 2 correctly with 90+ confidence, but somehow, the story isnt being followed through accordiingly.

Any ideas?