Intent is right but slot is not set

I have all my training data for ‘inform’ intent with a ‘name’ value declared because always that ‘intent’ is detected means that a name is passed but when i do:

  • My name is Chris

It detects the ‘intent’ but it doesn’t fill the slot, I try to reduce data, to augment it, nothing works, What could be the mistake here?



I recently had a similar problem. Turned out that the word-vectors were defined in the spacy language model I used (German in that case). Did you check that? (I do not know how many names are represented by standard word-vectors)

I am actually using tensorflow_embedding, I will have to creat e a custom component with a NER i have Thanks anyways

How much training data do you have for this entity? Ner_crf should be able to pick it up, but names are a bit tricky.

if you are using tensorflow_embedding , then ner_crf is already contained in it . just add a few more data , i have worked with these name extraction and it works fine