Intent detection with context not with keyword

Hi Team,

We are using Rasa version :1.4.5

I am facing an issue with intent detection. Let me explain to you my problem. So i have one intent called:


  • issue with VPN
  • VPN issues
  • problem with VPN
  • trouble with VPN
  • {More utterances like this}

So on typing in chat window “i am facing issue with VPN” it trigger the right intent which is #issue_with_vpn

So below is my problems:

First when I type only issue it triggers the same intent which should not be triggered until it gets the context like VPN issue etc.

Second, when I type issue with my keyboard it triggers the same intent which is also wrong.

I am using the Fallback policy so what should be done is that in the above scenario it should go to the fallback rather than triggering the intent.

Thanks in advance.

You should upgrade to 3.x since 1.x is way out of date.

Look at the f1 score for “intent”, it must be above your current fallback value.

@stephens Thanks for the reply. At this point, we can upgrade our current version. Is there any alternative or has anyone faced the same issue? I need to fix this as it impacts my bot accuracy.

Thanks in advance.

As I mentioned, look at your f1 scores. Create test stories with “intent” as an example.

What do you want to happen when the user tires types “intent”?

Consider an out of scope intent.