Integration with Symphony and JIRA

Can we integrate RASA with Symphony and JIRA. Please suggest

Hi Rajat, it is possible to build custom integration with any tools. However, can you explain a little more about the integration and use cases.

I have integrated Jira and HP ALM but my use cases might be different than what you are trying to achieve.

Hi Niraj,

Use case is to integrate RASA with JIRA and then bot can respond to intents like :

  1. What is progress of current sprint
  2. What is total count of open/closed/inprogress jira
  3. what is status of any JIRA id
  4. last comments of any JIRa
  5. Aging of any JIRA

and so on.

Would be great if you can help me in providing basic info on how to connect RASA with JIRA

Thanks for your clarification. The use cases you mentioned can be integrated using custom actions.

You need to create custom actions for each use case along with the NLU data. NLU data would be something that the user would type in for the mentioned use case. You will have to use entities to extract the Jira Key and Sprint.

You can define action triggers for the intents in your domain.yml file, this will directly link the intent to the custom action. You won’t have to add any additional stories for these actions.

Sample domain.yml


Hi @nchauras Thanks for your response on my query . It is really helpful. I will work on the options using this… Appreciate your help!!

Hi @machiwal23 @nchauras I have a similar use case. Could you guys please help to share the code for the sample reference. I am quite new to RASA. Thanks in advance.