Integration with ParlAI Blender for chit-chat

How about extending Rasa with Blender chatbot for chit-chat/small-talk dialogues? A short intro to Blender: [Recipes](http://ParlAI Blender).

Hi @striki-ai. Welcome to the Forum!

What exactly do you mean by “extending”?

By extending I mean to handle intents with low confidence sending them to Blender and resending back its responses. Somethng like custom Policy.

This should be possible with a custom policy, in principle, but I don’t think it is a good way forward. With neural NLG models you don’t have much control over the bot’s response, and they are generally good at generating plausible-sounding nonsense (see GPT-3: Careful First Impressions), which is usually not what you want to send to users. I think it is more important to create helpful and factually correct assistants than engaging, human-like ones.

@striki-ai Were you able to integrate with ParlAI blender?