Integrating RASA server with Python app

Hi, I was trying to write a python script to communicate with my rasa chatbot. I am using requests library to send a post request. However, I do not know the url and the payload format. I ran the rasa server using the following command:

rasa run actions

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Hey @taimoor-ahmed, you can get the endpoint details here:

Hi, I have almost same question. How can I integrate RASA with Python code? In elaboration, in the integration, the RASA command will be used as an input in the python code.

Any help will be highly appreciated.

You mean you want to know how to interact with rasa server via python?

Hi @anoopshrma My Rasa server is up and running in the python environment. My concern is, how can I use the rasa command as an input for an algorithm. Such as there is an optimization algorithm (python code). I want to run the code after getting the input from rasa (Interfacing rasa with another python code that is not related to rasa)