Integrating Rasa Bot with Custom channel

(JG) #1

In this video,i have shown how you can run the rasa demo bot and integrate it with the custom channel

(Juste) #2

Thanks a lot for sharing @JiteshGaikwad! :rocket: I added it to Resources category of the forum :slight_smile:

(JG) #3

Welcome @Juste .:pray: i am happy to contribute :smiley:

(Azizullah) #4

There is not any custom channel. That is just simple configurations of rasa demo

(Sachin Patel) #5

Hi Jitesh, i cannot train rasa-nlu with any kind of json data with any kind of config in windows command line. Can you please share me small file with details of command line please. will be a big help

(JG) #6

hi @sachinpatel22, you can read this thread Rasa NLU model Trainer v0.1