Integrated version control: Custom git port

If your git server uses a port other than 22 and you follow the integrated version control guide, you might see this error:

cmdline: git clone -v git@your.git.server:1234/bots/monday.git /tmp/tmpsef1iomy stderr: 'Cloning into ‘/tmp/tmpsef1iomy’… ssh: connect to host your.git.server port 22: Connection refused fatal: Could not read from remote repository.

To fix this, prefix your repository_url with ssh:// to resolve this. e.g.:

{ “repository_url”: “ssh://git@your.git.server:1234/bots/monday.git”, “target_branch”: “master”, “ssh_key”: “-----BEGIN OPENSSH PRIVATE KEY----- b3BlbnNzaC1rZXktdjEAAAAABG5vbmUAAAAEbm9uZQAAAAAAAAABAAACFwAAAAdzc2gtcn … +5ZONhmPEoCg4FcZbAm02gYw3dSoBBWz2i8mmAv71mVsNoddWKpDngRFv4PUaITnYYxrZ4 -----END OPENSSH PRIVATE KEY-----” }

Thanks for the tip @mrmtza!