Installing python package with rasa-x docker-compose

Version: Rasa X 0.42.6

I have deployed rasa-x with docker-compose.yml. Now I need to install netcat python package with deployment for connecting git repository with proxy.

Since I don’t have any Dockerfile for deployment here, how to install this python package within rasa-x docker image?

@abhishekrathi why do you need this approach, you can connect the rasa x with git using the SSH deploy key? Just curious. Ref: Deploy Your Assistant Thanks.

It’s not the proper solution but still :-> create requirements.txt file in * /etc/rasa/ and then from the terminal run the command pip install requirements.txt hope this should work?

sorry for the late reply. I need to setup proxy in my company for ssh connection to git repository. I have made a config file for ssh connection inside the container which requires netcat library.

I’ll try pip install requirements.txt but this need to be done every time I restart the docker-compose. Is there any permanent solution like creating a dockerfile or editing docker-compose.yml?

@abhishekrathi are you using custom action code for your project, please always tag me.

Please check this thread, on how I have created the docker container.

Pointers to remember and implement:

  1. Create a requirements.txt file
  2. Create the Dockerfile for custom action as per your requirement
  3. call the image whilst creating docker-compose.overide.yml in /etc/rasa (project folder no update in docker-compose.yml )
  4. run rasa build and check are you able to meet the requirement.

If you have any doubt do let me know, but do tag me else you need to wait until I will come online next time. Good Luck!