Inform user that rasa action server is down

Hey, My requirement is that if the rasa action server is down, I want my user to know about this. How can I do this? @itsjhonny can you help me with this?

Hi @lis :smiley:

I think you can do a simple get request to action server address and check connection status

If status == 200 = action server is up

Yes @itsjhonny, but I want the user to know about this also. What if there was some other issue while sending the data to action server? I want the user to know that something went wrong, instead of leaving them hanging there

@nik202 can you please look into this?

Interesting, what is your front-end? I never encountered that issue as your rasa action server will never down unless you have some code issue.

@nik202 So, I have my rasa action server hosted in different region from rasa server. Sometimes I see that there is an internal server problem with the rasa action server, due to which rasa server is not able to post to rasa action server. I also notice that there is a log message in the rasa server side that the action server is probably down. I like how that is logged, but I would also like the user to know that something went wrong and ask them to try again later. Is this possible?

I’m looking for something like:

//code to post to rasa action server
dispatcher.utter_message(text="Something went wrong. Please try again later"
logger.log("Something went wrong. Check if your rasa action server is up")

@lis honestly I never encountered such a use case but I will keep it on my TODO list as I get some time. Meanwhile you can see this if this will work : Default Actions

sure @nik202 will look into it. thanks for sharing :slight_smile:

@ChrisRahme would be super helpful if you could throw some light here.

Hi @nik202 did you get some time to check this out?

@lis what is your front end for Rasa chatbot ??

I’m connecting with slack using the slack connector @nik202

@lis I’m not sure, but you need to check the slack endpoints where you are using rasa endpoints, as I haven’t implemented this use-case. May someone from rasa team can help it?