Health check for rasa action server


Is there any endpoint(GET method) to check whether rasa action server is running or not?

My rasa action server stops running in the middle and i start getting following error: aiohttp.client_exceptions.ClientConnectorError: Cannot connect to host localhost:5055 ssl:default [Connection refused]


Hi @ojas Yes, you can find the endpoints you need here. Please let us know how you get on.

Thanks @anca for reply!

I needed endpoint for rasa action server(localhost:5055). Sometimes it happens is that my action server freezes while my rasa server(localhost:5005) still works fine.

I need to keep a check on action server and restart it if it freezes at any point.

No GET endpoint in action server Rasa Action Server Documentation

Hi @ojas Apologies for not reading attentively your initial post. You can use the /health endpoint to check the status of the action server. Hope this helps!

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No issues @anca… I have tried using the same endpoint for my action server and what I get is:

:warning: 404 — Not Found

Requested URL /health not found

My action server is running on localhost:5055 and I am trying localhost:5055/health…correct me if I am wrong.

Hi @ojas That’s quite strange - I just tested the endpoint on an example bot (formbot) and it worked fine.

Could you please try running rasa run actions --debug and post the full debug log? Also, to double-check you’ve uncommented these lines in endpoints.yml?

    url: http://localhost:5055/webhook
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Hey @anca… sorry I just messed up the url!

I have checked now…it’s working fine…

Thank you so much!! @anca