Incorrect entity and intent recognition for numeric values

(Anurag Joshi) #1

I have two intents in my RASA NLU as follows:


  • Account balance for account number 73728833
  • Tell me the balance in my bank account number 1000000


In my Rasa Core domain file, I have defined the slots as follows:


account_number: max_value: 99999999 min_value: 10000000 type: float

loan_amount: max_value: 999999999 min_value: 1 type: float

However, when I train and run the bot, the two slots keep on getting mixed up.

When I invoke the account balance intent, the bot asks me to provide an account number. When I enter an eight digit number, the bot identified it as loan_amount with loan intent.

Similarly, sometime for loan intent, when I try to enter an eight digit number for loan amount, it gets mixed up for account number.

Appreciate any help to resolve this.

I am using “tensorflow_embedding” pipeline

Thanks, A