In Interactive training,user defined actions in domain file are not getting used

In Interactive training,user defined actions in domain file are not getting used even when the flow is adhering to a previously defined path in and the intents/entities are getting recognized correctly

I have defined a path in as :-

#happy path model enquiry 1

  • greet
    • utter_greet
  • Customer_enquiry_model
    • utter_Customer_enquiry_model
    • utter_did_that_help
  • mood_affirm
    • utter_mood_affirm
  • OPPO_Phones_Price
    • utter_OPPO_Phones_Price
    • utter_did_that_help
  • mood_affirm
    • utter_mood_affirm
  • goodbye
    • utter_goodbye

while doing interactive training, just getting “The bot wants to run ‘action_default_fallback’, correct? (Y/n)” even after the intents and entities are getting correctly recognized after a query.

example:- me :- Hi I am Arghya

intent: greet 0.57

Expected action :- utter_greet

Actual action :- The bot wants to run ‘action_default_fallback’, correct? (Y/n)

What is the next action of the bot? (Use arrow keys)

1.00 action_default_fallback

0.00 action_deactivate_form

0.00 action_listen

0.00 action_restart

0.00 utter_CEO_info

0.00 utter_CustomerCare_info

0.00 utter_Customer_enquiry_model

0.00 utter_OPPO_Phones_Price

0.00 utter_Official_Website

0.00 utter_Oppo_location

0.00 utter_Oppo_product_comparison

0.00 utter_Service_Center_OR_Factory

0.00 utter_about_OPPO

❯ 0.00 utter_brand_info

0.00 utter_deny

0.00 utter_did_that_help

0.00 utter_goodbye

0.00 utter_greet

0.00 utter_happy

0.00 utter_model_name_lookout

0.00 utter_mood_affirm

0.00 utter_mood_deny

0.00 utter_more_info

0.00 utter_provide_founder

0.00 utter_thanks

? What is the next action of the bot?

here i have to mention:- the action which in this case is utter_greet.

I was hoping that the bot will automatically respond with utter_greet since it has been already trained with such a path instead of me having to choose the right action after getting “The bot wants to run ‘action_default_fallback’, correct? (Y/n)”

Please suggest or correct me.

Content of file:-




  • Yes I am looking for f10
  • I want to know about f20
  • tell me about f10
  • give me the detail of model name
  • I would say model name
  • details about f20


  • want to buy F7 what is the price?
  • wanna buy E10, tell me the price?
  • interested in f7, give me the price
  • interested to go for t66, price pls
  • what is the market value of f7?
  • may I know the worth of f7?
  • can I have the price of g14?
  • let me know the price of e10?
  • share the price of x20?
  • want to know the price of i10?
  • price of ur phone please?
  • do u have the price of y10



  • address pls
  • Where are you situated?
  • your address
  • tell me your location please
  • where are you located at?
  • give me your address


  • Feature list of f7 and f2
  • Cpu Model of g10 and g12
  • screen comparison between x10 and x11
  • Processor comparison between f10 and f15
  • display comparison of f15 and f11
  • can u give me the comparison of g11 and h12
  • Memory details of x11 and x12
  • battery life of Model1 and Model2
  • which phone is better between model1 and model2
  • which model is better
  • can I compare ur models
  • need to compare OPPO models
  • I want to compare oppo models
  • may I have the comparison
  • feature comparison
  • specificaton comparison
  • display comparison
  • can I have the CPU comparison between Model1 and Model2
  • could u pls give the comparison of model1 and model2
  • let me know the camera speciication of model1 and model2
  • memory specification of model1 and model2
  • which is best between Model1 and model2
  • which is best between Model1 and model2


  • Where is your workshop?
  • workshop located at
  • location of workshop?
  • where is your workshop located?
  • May i know about your workshop location?
  • where is the workshop situated?
  • where is your service centre located at?
  • location of oppo’s workshop?
  • address of your workshop?


  • ollie what do you know about oppo?
  • what r u?
  • what do you know about oppo?
  • which field you belong to?
  • what is ur business?
  • what is oppo about?
  • what do u do?
  • can i know about ur services?
  • what does Oppo do?


  • Ollie what brand you belong to?
  • what is ur brand?
  • brand name?
  • which brand do you represent?
  • which brand do you work for?
  • give me some information about the brand you are working for.
  • may I know about your brand name?
  • which brand are you?


  • see you
  • good by
  • cee you later
  • good night
  • good afternoon
  • bye
  • goodbye
  • have a nice day
  • see you around
  • bye bye
  • see you later
  • that’s all!Thank you.
  • Nope.take care.
  • I got all I need.Thanks.
  • It was really helpful.Thanks.


  • hey I am Peter
  • hello there I am Hans
  • hi I am Tom
  • hello there
  • good morning
  • good evening
  • moin
  • hey there
  • let’s go
  • hey dude
  • goodmorning
  • goodevening
  • good afternoon
  • Hi,I am Arghya


  • I want to know about g12 and x12
  • tell me about t16 and f7
  • I am interested in Model1 and Model2.
  • give me the detail of Model1 and Model2
  • Take Model1 and Model2
  • I would say Model1 and Model2
  • compare Model1 and Model2


  • yes
  • indeed
  • of course
  • that sounds good
  • correct
  • sure
  • exactly
  • hundred percent correct
  • that’s right
  • yup
  • yeep
  • sounds right
  • looks nice


  • no
  • never
  • I don’t think so
  • don’t like that
  • no way
  • not really
  • nope
  • na
  • not exactly
  • double no
  • not that


  • Oppo is Owned by whom?
  • Oppo is established by?
  • Can u tell me owner
  • who is oppo’s owner
  • oppo’s owner
  • who owns Oppo?
  • Oppo founded by whom?
  • Who is the founder of oppo?
  • oppo is owned by whom?
  • oppo mobile is owned by whom?
  • who owns oppo?
  • tell me the name of the owner of oppo.
  • name of the owner?
  • owner’s name?
  • owner please?
  • who is the owner of oppo?





content of domain.yml


  • greet
  • goodbye
  • provide_founder
  • about_OPPO
  • brand_info
  • CustomerCare_info
  • Service_Center_OR_Factory
  • Oppo_location
  • CEO_info
  • Official_Website
  • OPPO_Phones_Price
  • Customer_enquiry_model
  • Oppo_product_comparison
  • model_name_lookout
  • mood_affirm
  • mood_deny


  • information
  • location
  • web_address
  • model
  • feature


  • utter_greet
  • utter_goodbye
  • utter_did_that_help
  • utter_unclear
  • utter_provide_founder
  • utter_about_OPPO
  • utter_brand_info
  • utter_CustomerCare_info
  • utter_Service_Center_OR_Factory
  • utter_Oppo_location
  • utter_CEO_info
  • utter_Official_Website
  • utter_OPPO_Phones_Price
  • utter_Customer_enquiry_model
  • utter_Oppo_product_comparison
  • utter_model_name_lookout
  • utter_mood_affirm
  • utter_mood_deny
  • utter_happy
  • utter_more_info
  • utter_thanks
  • utter_deny

templates: utter_greet:

  • text: “Hey buddy !This is Ollie,your assistant.How may I help you?”
  • text: “Hi!I am here to help.Shoot!”


  • text: “Bye and take care buddy!”


  • text: “Did that help you?”


  • text: “I am not sure what you are aiming for.”


  • text: “You are very welcome.”
  • text: “Glad I could help!” utter_deny:
  • text: “That’s a shame. Let me know if you change your mind.”


  • text: “Oppo’s founder is Chen Mingyong.”


  • text: “Oppo Electronics Corporation, commonly referred to as Oppo, is a Chinese consumer electronics and mobile communication company, known for its smartphones, Blu-ray players and other electronic devices. A leading manufacturer of smartphones, Oppo was the top smartphone brand in China in 2016 and was ranked No. 8 worldwide”


  • text: “I work for Oppo Mobile”


  • text: “Oppo’s customer care number is 1800 103 2777”


  • text: “Workshop is located at xyz”


  • text: “Oppo is located at Pune,India”


  • text: “CEO of Oppo is Chen Mingyong.Started his position from 2/11/2017.”


  • text: “Official website is:”


  • text: “Price is Rs:12000”


  • text: “Details about the model:…”


  • text: “Decision is yours:Here is the feature list of the products:”


  • text : “here are the config details for your device:”


  • text: “Great carry on!”


  • text: “Please provide more details so that i can understand your query”


  • text: “Glad that i was useful.Next Question if any?”


  • text: “Try again!”