Implement integration between e2e training and forms

In fact, I have a form that requests more than 10 slots from the user However, it is not necessary that all user answers be included in my training examples So in some special cases within the form I want to change the next required slot Since in my case it is cumbersome to set a validation for each slot and change the dialogue based on it I want to write stories end-to-end dialogue within the form is active and change the next required slot based on the story using rasa version 3.1.0 python 3.8.15

You can used the required_slots method to customize the required slots. It’s discussed here.

thank you so much @stephens I already used Custom Action and specified the required_slots However, I want to change the following question asked by the bot to the user depending on the user’s answers An example of this is if I have a form that asks for two slots, red or blue The expected answer from the user is yes or no for each slot But unexpectedly, when utter_ask_red asking the user do you want the color red, his answer was why you ask me about my favorite color This case can be solved using the required_slots , but in my case I have a lot of slots that allow shifting the dialogue context, Hence a lot of if else My question is, can End to End Story be used to control the form?

The financial-demo has examples of handling the user switching context here.