Ignore intent for slot filling

I want to ignore particular intent for slot filling in domain file. like if i give ignore_intent: some intent slot should have previous value only instead of value from ignore intent.

@SasikiranJ which rasa version are you using? can you explain of what and where you want to use?

@SasikiranJ or you can also write “not_intent” in your action file like i have gave example in below image.Screen Shot 2020-11-05 at 1.27.46 PM

@SasikiranJ in Rasa 2.0 you can use like below in domain file.

  • forms:
  • sales_form:
  • job_function:
  •   - type: from_text
  •   - not_intent: stop

No not using forms. I have one intent with FAQ examples . some sentences have words which can be matched with other intent entities values. so i want to exclude entities in faq intent to be used for slot filling. I am in rasa 2.0 For suppose: slots: nameofentity: type: categorical values: **** Exclude_from_intent: faq

Share your code where you want to use this? @SasikiranJ

  • faq

    where are you located russia or usa?

  • place

    I am located in russia

domain file: slots

  • location
  • type: categorical

while using model it is extracting entity value from faq intent and storing it in location slot. I dont want entities of faq intent to be stored in slots. I only want slot to be filled with place intent

I dont want faq intent to be used for entity extraction . just intent classification only needed for faq intent. is there anyway to do that?

Screen Shot 2020-11-06 at 5.39.41 PM you can use entity ignore and use entity in you domain file intents. syntax as shown as image and write it in your domain file intent. @SasikiranJ

May be this will help you.

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Thank You

Hello @Yash_kals , I am trying to implement forms : image

could you please explain the purpose of intent and not_intent section in forms. How can i use those?

@Anjalipatel Intent is used for when we need only this intent for slot filling and not_intent is used for when we sure we don’t need this intent or you’ve similar more than one intent and one of you want to use and another you don’t want to use then you can add this intent in not_intent section.

i hope you’ll be understood the use of intent and not_intent in forms. if you still need help you can reach me at myextra2506@gmail.com.

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Thankyou so much @Yash_kals for the explanation. Now i am clear with it. :slight_smile: